European Squares - Gloss

Gloss White (01)
Gloss Black (02)
Burgundy (03)
Pearl (08)
Grey (09)
Eggplant (10)
Scarlet (11)
Charcoal (13)
Cobalt (14)
Orange (70)
Key Lime (76)
Special Red (SR)

Available In These Finishes

The European Collection are beautiful planters inspired by ceramic designs found in Europe. Due to the popularity of these graceful curves, the European Collection includes Cylinders,  Squares, Rectangles, Tall Squares, Tall Cylinders, Tall Curves, and Extra Tall Curves. All European Planters are made with 30% lower fossil fuel content than standard fiberglass products. Available to hold 4" to 38" nursery grow pots. Download our Colors and Finishes Chart to choose from over 30 colors and finishes to complete your space with this modern planter.

 European Squares Sizing Chart

EUSQ-07 8W" x 8L" x 7"H for 6" Grow Pots
EUSQ-09 10"W x 10"L x 9"H for 8" Grow Pots
EUSQ-12 13"W x 13"L x 11.5"H for 10" Grow Pots
EUSQ-15 18"W x 18"L x 16"H for 14" Grow Pots
EUSQ-18 22"W x 22"L x 20"H for 17" Grow Pots
EUSQ-20 25"W x 25"L x 23"H, for 17" Grow Pots
EUSQ-25 30"W x 30"L x 26"H, for 21" Grow Pots
EUSQ-32 36"W x 36"L x 30"H for 28" Grow Pots