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Moss Wall Preview Image assembledMoss Wall Art Systems by Botanicus

Moss Wall Art by Botanicus is our most recent contribution to Biophilic Design. Reconnecting human beings with the natural environment from which we evolved with sustainable design elements. Moss Wall by Botanicus uses lightweight, fire-resistant* frames that mount easily on walls, and filling the frames with biophilic, natural materials, the Moss Wall modular System allows for an infinite number of design possibilities include beautiful, sustainable, natural materials. The two-part, Patent Pending frames snap easily on and off, the contents of the frames can be changed as often as desired. Our initial offering includes 3 Frame sizes in 3 colors, Acoustic Moss Panels in 3 sizes and 3 colors, Sustainable Bark in 2 sizes, and Light Stone in 2 colors and 2 sizes.


Phoenix Recycled Planters

Phoenix Planters contain 80% post consumer recycled material.  Round, Square, Tall square and Tall round Vase shapes are available in 30+ color finishes.Sizes will fit 6” to 17” Nursery Grow pots. You will love our black, metallic and gemstone color finishes. Self watering sub-irrigation liners available.



Fiberglass Planters, colorful planter, flowerpot


Fiberglass Planters

Many contemporary styles and collections will add beauty and style to you space. Collections include Athena, Diamond, European, Olympia, Symmetry, Desert Urns, Ovation, Oriental fishbowls, Earth Cylinder, Bianca, Natural Abaca, Natural Bamboo, Tiers. Collections available in 30+ designer color finishes.  Download our PDF for full selection, sizes and order information.



Vertical Living Green Walls, flower or herb green walls, indoor green wall




Vertical Living Green Walls

Green Walls you can use indoors or outdoors! They are fast and easy to plant! Any 6" grow pot will fit. You can change plants and designs quickly. No pumps or electricity is needed. Angled tray and wick system for fast planting and easy care! Portable walls can be one sided or two. Plant Portraits hang on the wall.  Available to ship in USA Ask about Custom Vertical Walls.


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