Earth Sphere Planters- Burnished

Burnished Steel (95)
Burnished Bronze (96)

Available In These Finishes

Give your space a clean modern look with the smooth curves of the Earth Sphere Planters. Earth Spheres are ready to be used with 6" to 17" nursery grow pots. Combine Earth Sphere Planters and Earth Sphere Sculptures to create modern displays of plants, planters, and sculptures.

Earth Sphere Planters Sizing Chart

SPH-1512P 14.9"D x 12.3"H for 6" Grow Pot
SPH-1916P  18.8"D x 15.6"H for 8" Grow Pot 
SPH-2319P 22.6"D x 18.8"H for 10" Grow Pot
SPH-3126P  30.8"D x 25.7"H for 14" Grow Pot 
SPH-3832P 38"D x 31.7"H for 17" Grow Pot