Earth Bowl Planter - Burnished

Burnished Steel (95)
Burnished Bronze (96)

Available In These Finishes

Earth Bowls are lightweight, responsibly made eco-fiberglass planters that come in a variety of sizes and finishes. Available to hold 6" to 14" nursery grow pots. Combine Earth Bowls and Low Profile Bowls to create stunning displays of plants and planters.

Earth Bowl Planter Sizing Chart

EBL-1406 14"D x 5.9"H for 6" Grow Pots
EBL-1808 18"D. x 7.6"H for 6" Grow Pots
EBL-2410 24"D x 10.1"H for 10" Grow Pots
EBL-3012 30"D x 12.6"H for 12" Grow Pots
EBL-3615 36"D x 15.1"H for 14" Grow Pots