Bravo Floor Planter - Gemstone

Dark Sapphire (80)
Sapphire (81)
Aquamarine (82)
Blue Diamond (85)
Garnet (86)
Golden Quartz (90)

Available In These Finishes

Bravo planters feature curvilinear lines that fit beautifully in every environment. This lightweight yet durable planter is designed in both a Floor and a Tall cylinder. The Bravo series is available in over 30 colors and finishes.

Bravo Floor Sizing Chart

BR-1314 12.8"W x 14.5"L x 14.4"H for 10" Grow Pot
BR-1820 18"W x 20.4"L x 20.2"H for 14" Grow Pot
BR-2528 25"W x 28.3L x 28"H for 17" Grow Pot