Athena Tall Planter - Gemstone

Dark Sapphire (80)
Sapphire (81)
Aquamarine (82)
Blue Diamond (85)
Garnet (86)
Golden Quartz (90)

Available In These Finishes

Athena Planters add a new shape of elegance to any decor with the rounded sides and tapered bottom. The Athena planter offers 30% lower fossil fuel content than normal fiberglass products. They are designed to hold grow pots from 4" to 17" (varying by size). The full family of planter shapes for Athena include the Floor and Table, Tall, and Rectangle. Available in over 30 beautiful decorator colors and finishes.

Athena Tall Sizing Chart

ATH-0715 7.5"W x 7.5"L x 15.6"H for 6" Grow Pots
ATH-1326 12.8"W x 12.8L x 26.4"H for 10" Grow Pots
ATH-1736 17.3"W x 17.3"L x 35.8"H for 14" Grow Pots
ATH-2246 22.1"W x 22.1"L x 45.7"H for 17" Grow Pots