Symmetry Extra Tall Cylinders - Matte

Matte White (18)
Matte Black (19)
Khaki (22)
Wheat (26)
Expresso (31)
Sunrise (92)
Red Clay Glaze (94)
Java (JA)

Available In These Finishes

Symmetry Planters have an elegant hourglass shape which distinguishes it from other modern planters. Symmetry planters are designed in 2 shapes – square or cylinder – and are offered in 3 heights. All Symmetry planters are responsibly made Eco-Fiberglass, offering 30% lower fossil fuel content than normal fiberglass products. Available to hold 4" to 17" nursery grow pots. Tall and Extra Tall models come with a removable shelf. Choose from over 30 beautiful decorator colors and finishes. Combine Symmetry Square, Symmetry Tall Square, Symmetry Extra Tall Square or select Symmetry Cylinder, Symmetry Tall Cylinder, and Symmetry Extra Tall Cylinder to create eye catching displays of plants and planters.

Symmetry Extra Tall Cylinder Sizing Chart

CSYTT-0515 5.5"W x 15"H for 4" grow pots
CSYTT-0821 8"W x 21"H for 6" grow pots
CYSTT-1336 13"W x 36"H for 10" grow pots
CYSTT-1848 18"W x 48"H for 14" grow pots
CSYTT-2157 21"W x 57"H for 17" grow pots