Epic Reclaimed Barnwood Rectangles

X Bronze
X Grey

Epic Reclaimed Barnwood Planters are  created from the barns built from Douglass Fir that have stood for centuries in some cases. As the barns fall out of use, the wood is reclaimed, then built into square and rectangular panels. The panels are then tightly adhered to strong fiberglass planter shells. The fiberglass shells are water-tight but holes can be drilled in the bottoms for exterior uses. The fiberglass shells are available in two durable, textured, exterior finishes—X-Grey and X-Bronze. These Reclaimed Barnwood Planters will remain in its natural, weathered state, with stunning variety and diversity. Barnwood planters available as Squares and Rectangles with optional platform casters.

Epic Reclaimed Barnwood Rectangles Sizing Chart

EPW-372021 36.75"W x 19.5"L x 20.9"H
EPW-542021 54.1"W x "19.5"L x "20.9"H