Earth Sphere Sculpture - Gemstone

Dark Sapphire (80)
Sapphire (81)
Aquamarine (82)
Blue Diamond (85)
Garnet (86)
Golden Quartz (90)

Available In These Finishes

Earth Sphere Sculptures are a piece of art. Use these spherical modern shapes to complement Earth Sphere Planters. Decorate with confidence knowing that Earth planters are made with 30% less fossil fuel than normal fiberglass products.

Earth Sphere Sculpture Sizing Chart
SPH-1514S 14.9"D x 13.2"H
SPH-1917S 18.8"D x 17.3"H
SPH-2321S 22.6"D x 20.7"H
SPH-3128S 30.8"D x 28.3"H
SPH-3835S 38"D x 35"H