Sustainable Beech Wood Stands

Light Beech
Dark Beech

Sustainable Beech Wood Stands are made with one of the most adaptable hardwoods. Beech trees are growing in number while maple and birch have declined largely due to climate change. The natural sustainability and inherent beauty of beech make it the perfect choice for planter stands.Two sizes work well with many planters that hold 10" and 14" grow pots. The planter stand finishes of Light Beech and Dark Beech complement all of our planter finishes. The stands can be used either side up, depending on the product you select and the look you desire.

Beech Wood Stand Sizing Chart

SBS-1618 15.75"D x 17.5"H for Planters that hold 10" Grow Pots
SBS-2022 19.7"D x 22.4"H For Planters that hold 14" Grow Pots