Phoenix Square - Gemstone

Dark Sapphire (80)
Sapphire (81)
Aquamarine (82)
Blue Diamond (85)
Garnet (86)
Golden Quartz (90)

Available In These Finishes

Phoenix Planters contains more than 80% post-consumer recycled material contributing towards LEED® Credit. These square plant containers are contemporary and have optional castor platforms to make them easier to move. You can have several sizes to arrange for a grouping. Sizes available from 7" to 28".

Phoenix Square Sizing Chart

PHSQ-0707 7"W x 6.8"H x 5" Base for 6" Grow Pot
PHSQ-1010 9.8"W x 9.5"H x 7" Base for 8" Grow Pot
PHSQ-1212 12.5"W x 12.1"H x 8.9" Base for 10" Grow Pot
PHSQ-1717 17"W x 16.5"H x 12.2" Base for 14"  Grow Pot
PHSQ-2020 20.4"W x 19.7"H x 14.6" Base for 17" Grow Pot
PHSQ-2423* 23.6"W x 22.9"H x 16.9" Base for 21" Grow Pot 
PHSQ-2827* 27.6"W x 26.8"H x 21.3" Base for 24" Grow Pot
*Additional shipping charges apply. Shipped via common carrier.