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Axiom- USA Made Outdoor Planter

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Large Axiom outdoor planters are sturdy, rotationally molded planters with no seam and a clean horizontally textured surface. Sizes up to 36" making this modern planter great as a large garden planter or an architectural plant container. The material they are made with is solid throughout, helping to reduce the visibility of scratches. Axiom has an optional sub-irrigation system (see figure below) which helps to dramatically extend the watering cycle. Available in 6 finishes.


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 Solid Black

 Solid Bronze


 Solid Steel


Model #




15.25" x 9.9" x 12.4" H, 10/12" grow pots

$ 65.00


20.7" x 13.4" x 16.7" H, for 14" grow pot



24.5" x 15.9" x 19.8" H, for 17" grow pot



30.6" x 19.9" x 24.8" H, for 21"  grow pot



36.7" x 23.8" x 29.7" H, for 24"  grow pot


Browse Sizes and Colors