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Our Eco-Fiberglass and recycled Colorful Planters are light weight and sturdy. Our extensive designer shapes are available in 30 plus color finishes in matte, metallic and gemstone. They are custom painted with very durable and beautiful commercial paint.  Sizes can be from small table top to over 3’ wide and some up to 5’ tall! Available to ship in the USA.

80% Recycled Material
Fits 6" to 24" Grow Pots
LEEDS Credit

 recycled planters, colorful planter, flower pot, matte black plant container

Made From Recycled
Post-Consumer Materials
6 Shapes Available

Epic Reclaimed Barnwood
3 shapes
4 sizes

Epic Barnwood Planters

12 Sizes Fits
4" to 17" Grow Pots

plants containers, oval office planters, small planters

Floor Planters & Talls
5 Sizes Available

Bravo Planters

Bowls, Low Profile Bowls, Cubes,
Tall Squares, Walls, File Top,
Cylinders, Tall Cylinders, Spheres, Sculptures
Earth Planters

4" to 38" Grow Pot
To 60" Tall
European style planter, office plant container, round commercial vases

Floor & Table 4 Sizes
Tall Planters - 3 Sizes

tall diamond pattern garden planter, indoor office planters, large planters 

Optimum One
12 Sizes
6" to 14" Grow Pots 
7" to 52" High


11 Sizes
4" to 14" Grow Pots
7" to 52" High 

Ovation Planters

Round and Square
4" to 17" Grow Pots
Up To 57" Tall

Symmetry Planters

4 Styles
6" to 54" High

Tier Planters

Tapered Cylinders
7 Sizes Available
6" to 30" Grow Pots


elegant indoor vases, small planters, architectural planter

3 Shapes
11 Sizes

Outdoor planters, urban gardening, street flower pots

Light Stone
3 Shapres
5 Sizes, 3 Finishes

Light Stone Planters

Savaged Wood
Cubes, Tall Squares, Floor Rectangle,
File Top Rectangles

Salvaged Wood Planters

Strong Clay
Squares, Tall Squares, Rectangles
Cyinders, Bottom Radius

Strong Clay Planters

Sustainable Beech Wood Stands
Light and Dark Finishes

Sustainable Beech Wood Stands







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