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Articles and FAQs

What is Eco-Fiberglass?

All of our Eco-Fiberglass products have a 30 percent lower fossil fuel content than normal fiberglass products.

How do fiberglass planters differ from ceramics?

Fiberglass planters have many advantages over ceramics. Ceramics are porous can sweat and can leak. Fiberglass is water tight , does not sweat or leak. Plants can be set into the planters with drainage material underneath or they can be planted direct. Fiberglass is also more durable and it isn’t prone to cracking in excessive cold the way plastic can.

How do I inspect my fiberglass planter for quality?

Not all fiberglass planters are created equal. If a planter feels surprisingly heavy, it could be made with filled resin that will add weight. However, this process also makes the planter more brittle. Check the outside of the surface for waves and bumps. If you feel them, the manufacture probably used off-spec resin, inadequate equipment and/or improper production techniques. A planter that carries these traits could fail at any time. Also, look at the inside of the container. If it contains sloppy strings of glass mat or globs of resin, it was produced improperly. On the outside of the planter, look for surface waves or rough spots. will always pass this inspection because of our high standards, skilled manufacturers and time-tested processing.  

Why is bamboo considered an earth-friendly building material?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, earning the designation of “rapidly renewable material” by the U.S. Green Building Council. As a grass, bamboo is classified as a non-timber, non-fossil fuel resource. Bamboo forests mature 4-6 years after being harvested, while hardwood forests take 20-25 years to mature.  Our solid bamboo planters also qualify for LEED credit.

What is LEED credit?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a green building measurement tool used in the United States. Planters in our Phoenix and Solid Bamboo lines qualify for LEED credit, which can be accumulated to achieve different levels of LEED certification. A building that has achieved a high LEED certification can be eligible for many federal, state and local government incentives, including tax-based incentives and reduction of fees.  

I need a sample of an item to see if it matches my décor. What can I do?

For larger orders, recommends first purchasing the small Phoenix cylinder or the small European cylinder with your color, finish and material selections to see for yourself how well your chosen color suits your décor. Simply write “sample” in the comment box when ordering. Once your full order is complete, will credit you for the cost of your sample item!

Any tips for choosing planter colors?

We recommend complimenting the colors of your office rather than matching them when purchasing a planter due to the different interpretations of individual color.