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Plant Portraits- Living Wall Art

Each size portrait contains 4 shelves.  Depending upon portrait size holds from 16 to 36 6" grow pots.  Simply add 3-4 wicked plants to each shelf and fill each shelf with water.  Watering cycle is normally 1-2 weeks.  They can be arranged vertically, diagonally or horizontally.  They can also be stacked for a larger display.  Additional finishes available. Order Plant Portraits here.

  • Plant Portraits hang on the wall to create living wall art!
  • Available in 3 sizes. 16”x32”, 24”x32” and 32”x32”
  • Can stack multiple Plant Portraits together for a larger living wall display.
  • Call us for your custom Green Wall needs


16”L x 32”H x 8.5” D



24”L x 32”H x 8.5” D



32”L x 32”H x 8.5” D


Ideas for Plant Portraits!

Living wall, Green walls, green garden walls

Seven PP-1632’s arranged diagonally

 Plant wall systems, living wall art, vertical gardens

Two PP-3232's arranged horizontally

Living walls, Commercial living walls, modern plant art

One PP-2432

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