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Bamboo Planters - Rapidly Renewable Materials

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Bamboo is one of the most rapidly growing plants on Earth. It is a grass, not a wood, making it a non-timber, non-fossil fuel resource. And while hardwood forests can take 20-25 years to mature, bamboo forests mature 4-6 years after being harvested. This is why the U.S. Green Building Council has designated bamboo as a rapidly renewable material. Our solid bamboo planters therefore qualify for LEED® credit under MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials*. Engineering and testing of our Solid Bamboo Planters has been underway for several years, and now we have a product which is strong, durable and long lasting in the vast majority of interior settings. These planters are available in the Natural Bamboo finish in tapered square and tall tapered square shapes. We hope you enjoy this planter!

 Bamboo Planter Square




9.1"W x 7.9"H for 6" nursery grow pots

$ 76.00


13.4"W x 11.5"H for 10" nursery grow pots



18.4"W x 16"H for 14" nursery grow pots



22.4"W x 20"H for 17" nursery grow pots


 Bamboo Planter Tall Square



9"W x 15.1"H for 6" nursery grow pots



13.1"W x 26"H for 10" nursery grow pots



18.4"W x 36"H for 14" nursery grow pots



22.1"W x 42"H for 17" nursery grow pots